Paternity Fraud in Ohio:

Relief from a Paternity Determination or Child Support

By Erik L. Smith, Paralegal


The article describes in depth the law in Ohio, as of March 31, 2008, about gaining relief from paternity determinations and associated child support orders obtained by fraud or mistake. The article does not concern paternity establishment, or child support enforcement, deviation, or modification, except as they relate to gaining relief from paternity determinations and child support orders.


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  1. Background
  2. Constitutionality
  3. Jurisdiction
       Statutory (Alternative procedures)
  4. Orders for genetic testing
  5. Genetic testing fees
  6. Who conducts the testing?
  7. Effect of relief on existing visitation and child support arrearages
  8. Attorney fees and costs
  9. When does a man "know" of his non-paternity?
  10. Can a mother seek relief?
  11. Time and procedure for bringing the action
  12. Later paternity establishment
       Against the person granted relief
       Against natural father after relief granted


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