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January 21, 2007

Erik Smith was interviewed for The Adoption Show (podcast available)


June 17, 2006

Erik Smith was interviewed by the PBS program To the Contrary on the topic of father registries


June 4, 2006

Unwed dads get state's help in finding kids, The Columbus Dispatch


March 27, 2006

Erik Smith was interviewed on NPR (podcast available)


March 20, 2006

Erik Smith appeared on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees with Adam Pertman and Mary Beck (transcript available)


March 19, 2006

Unwed Fathers Fight for Babies Placed for Adoption by Mothers, New York Times


Dads: How to protect your rights, Cleveland Plain Dealer (article no longer available)

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Featured articles

Arkansas v. Cole: If it’s a fundamental desire, it must be a fundamental right

The state of Arkansas has taken the confusion between desires and rights to a new level of absurdity in its decision granting the right to adopt to cohabitating couples.


ICWA and the Fundamental Right to Parent

This article summarizes and comments on the Iowa Supreme Court's decision in In re N.N.E. (June 2008), in which the court held that a portion of the Iowa Indian Child Welfare Act was unconstitutional. I describe why I agree with the case's ultimate result, but disagree with the constitutional ruling.


BOCVAROV V. PUFFENBERGER: The Frivolous Claim that a Mother Has a Constitutional Right to Make an Adoption Plan


Boumediene v. Bush: The Suspension Clause and Guantanamo Bay

This articles summarizes the United States Supreme Court opinion in Boumediene v. Bush rendered in June 2008 about the right of Gauntanamo Bay detainees to test the legality of their detention through habeas corpus. I describe why I agree with the decision, addressing the dissenting justices and distinguishing the case from In re Quirin, a prisoner of war case from World War II.

UNWED FATHERS: Preventing Your Newborn from Being Adopted in Utah. 


Premium Article
Changing Minors' Names in Ohio

The article describes in depth the law in Ohio, as of July 1, 2008, about changing minors' surnames. The article discusses when a court other than the probate court may entertain a name change, and the factors courts consider when determining a name change, and giving notice of the application to change name to the other parent.


Premium Article
When is a Registered Putative Father's Consent to Adoption Unnecessary in Ohio?

The article describes in depth the law in Ohio, as of July 1, 2008, about when probate courts find a registered putative (non-legally established) father's consent unnecessary under R.C. 3107.07 for abandonment or failure to support the mother or child adequately. The article concerns only fathers of the child who have registered timely with the Ohio Putative Father Registry.


Premium Article
Special Appearance in Ohio

The article briefly describes the law in Ohio, as of July 1, 2008, about making a special appearance in Ohio (appearing in an Ohio court in a civil case without submitting to the court's jurisdiction). Ohio has abolished the special appearance procedure. Now, litigants wanting to appear specially must plead the jurisdictional or other problem under the civil rules. The article discusses the rules about doing that.


See also Erik L. Smith's article, "Putative Father Registry Deadlines and the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act" in Air Force Law Review volume 60, September 2007, pp 175-197.

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Additional writing

Documents which have not yet been converted to the new website format are collected below.


Smith v. Hayes (PDF)


Illegal Contract

Apellate Brief

Amics Brief of CADCO


Midwifery (PDF)

Midwifery and the Law: Waiver of Appellate Review

Midwives Trial Book - Section III: Understanding the Legal System

Midwifery and State Law Reference 


Putative Father Registry Cases in Ohio

(As of January 1, 2006)

  • In re Adoption of Law, 2006-Ohio-600 (3rd Dist.) (establishing paternity through guardian in administrative proceeding before petition is filed)
  • In re K.M.S., 2005-Ohio-4739 (2nd Dist.)
  • In re Adoption of A.N.L., 2005-Ohio-4239 (12th Dist.)
  • In re Adoption of Baby F, 2004-Ohio-1871 (10th Dist.)
  • In re Adoption of Suvak, 2004-Ohio-536
  • In re J. H.03-LW-4293 (9th)
  • In re Vest 01-LW-0846 (10th)
  • In re Adoption of Cameron 03-LW-3158 (1st)
  • In re Adoption of Lichtenberg 03-LW-0864 (12th)
  • In re Adoption of Baby Boy Brooks (2000), 136 Ohio App.3d 824 (10th Dist.)
  • In re Adoption of Coppersmith (2001), 145 Ohio App.3d 141 (2nd Dist.)
  • In re Adoption of Snavely 00-LW-4739 (2nd)
  • In re Adoption of Williams 98-LW-2763 (5th) (just cause for not paying child support)

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